Yes, it’s been awhile

Hello all! I’m writing from my new digs in Dartmouth. This is my last week living on PEI, but don’t worry I’ll be back lots to visit.

With the big move, I’ve had to confront just how much yarn I really have accumulated. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. In the interest of the limited space we have now and just not wanting to see so much yarn sit unused, I’m going on the hunt for a local organization that may have some individuals that could use the yarn for their own projects. If you know of any in the Dartmouth area, I would be grateful if you would let me know.

Since I’ve been so transient the last three months, I haven’t been working on any large projects. I’ve made some dishcloths for Thing 1’s new apartment, and I started a pair of socks for myself using Sock-Ease Cotton Candy yarn using the old reliable pattern from Knit Simple. I did find some nice Kroy sock yarn today, and plan to use this for a pair of spiral socks for my best guy. I’ve never made this pattern before but my mom has and she really likes it. Will follow up later on my progress!

There are some great independent knitting stores in the HRM. I’ve visited The Loop on Barrington and Dartmouth Yarns (which is in walking distance for me) and I am looking forward to becoming a frequent visitor to both as the service and yarn selections are great. There is a third store in the Hydrostone that I haven’t been to yet but a visit is high on my to-do list!

Another amazing resource here are the HRM public libraries. The amount of knitting and fibre arts books are AMAZING. I spend so much time poring over the wide variety of books.

Well readers, I hope your knitting projects are going well. Feel free to share what you’re working on.

Until next time,




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