Guess Who’s Back?

I thought this was an appropriate title since I could easily win an award for “Most Inconsistent Blogger” (in addition to “Worst Running Partner”). Things have been a bit chaotic since our little family is in the midst of slowly relocating to NS. My best guy is there now; Thing 2 and I are in PEI until the end of June so she can finish the school year. I have to knit to stay sane during this process!

Since we are selling our house, I have to pack up just about everything I have to put in storage since our place in NS is not ready until July. Yes, we did a great job planning this … if the plan was to make it as hectic as possible. In this process, I packed ALL my yarn and ALL my knitting needles except for three sets. and put it in our storage locker. The only reason these three very diverse sets made the cut is because they were in my knitting bag already. I did not realize at the time how bad of an idea this really was. Thankfully my wonderful mother saved the day by taking me to Michael’s so I could load up on cheap Handicrafter yarn and I did get a ball of sock yarn. So now I am keeping myself entertained by knitting dishcloths for the new place. Using some different patterns so that’s kinda fun.

I guess the Azul pullover will become a fall project.

I’m hoping to get to meet with the library group a few more times before I hit the road. I miss seeing them. Looking forward to meeting folks in the NS knitting community this summer though!

I hope to write again soon, but if not, at least you know why!

Happy knitting!





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