This is one of the rare times that I am having trouble coming up with a fun title. Thankfully though no problems coming up with good stuff for this post though!

Chris’s beanie hat is done! And I did not have to unravel the other hat previously made from the lovely Plymouth Yarns Coffee Beenz (phew). I would have liked to make the hat a teensy bit larger but it does still work for him. I have learned some valuable lessons from this exercise.

I have the cuff and part of the heel flap done for the second sock of the pair I created during the Community School semester so I’m feeling pretty darn good about that as well. This Tuesday is the last full teaching night of the semester, and I still cannot believe how quickly the last nine weeks have gone by. It’s been a great experience, and one I hope to get to repeat in Fall 2017 or Winter 2018. Some students are even on their second pair of socks!

I’ve decided to take a break from making socks for a bit and work on a project I have been wanting to work on for awhile – the Azul pullover (for me). I didn’t see the yarn at Michael’s the last time I was in (FYI that’s the Bernat Softee Chunky), but my awesome mom found it at two locations in Montague with a wide selection of colours to boot and very good prices since I need 6 balls! She is strongly hinting that I should make it in burgundy, but I’m not 100% sure yet. Possibly a brown or natural colour is what I’ll go with. Stay tuned for updates on this project. I’m so excited to make this.

Thing 2 was snowboarding in Nova Scotia this weekend, and we stayed in Halifax. I took this time to go to a great knitting store in the city – The Loop. Despite taking a break from knitting socks, something about that self-striping, oh-so-colourful sock yarn just reels me right in. There was so much selection and it was also 20% off. And yes, I walked out of there with a ball of Opal sock yarn and some new slightly curved darning needles in a nifty hard plastic case that can withstand me lugging my knitting everywhere (hey, I might get a few minutes to squeeze in some knitting in between things!). The sales clerk insists that these curved needles will make the Kitchener graft that much more bearable. And I will have a sock ready soon enough to test this theory out.

While in the city and since it was just around the corner, I stopped at Deserres since they have a small but pretty decent yarn section. Nothing really caught my attention there this time around, but I did pick up a free pattern for a scarf from Bergere de France that I plan to make for Thing 1. Thing 1 is not quite as into winter as the rest of us, and would probably appreciate a cozy scarf while navigating the streets of Montreal.

Local crafters, save the date, reschedule your brunches, go for that run later in the day because the annual G’Ma Group Fabric and Yarn Sale is happening on March 11th at Park Royal United Church at 9 am. Many, many good deals to be had. I’ve gone the past few years and have always found some gems. Get there early; there is usually a line that goes outside of the building.

Well folks, time to wrap this up for now. Back soon with more tales of my knitting adventures.

Happy knitting!








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