Decisions, decisions

Hello readers! I just got back from a walk around the boardwalk with my best guy to shake off some of the stress from the day. Looking forward to working on Chris’s hat, but I am perilously close to running out of the yarn I am using. And guess what? I can’t buy it locally! So, do I take a chance and hope that I have enough yarn to make this super cute beanie or do I unravel the smaller hat I previously made with this yarn? Ugh, I just can’t decide. Tune in for future updates.

Last week’s knitting class gave me a great topic to research. None of my students were really excited about doing the Kitchener stitch for the toes – despite me telling them that it really isn’t that bad. One student was curious about using the three needle bind off to do the toes instead. Knowing that this technique is usually used for doing shoulder seams for a sweater, I wasn’t entirely sold … but I was curious too. The three needle bind off usually requires the “wrong side” of the pieces of work to be facing outwards – that could be tricky with a sock. As well, this technique creates a visible seam whereas the Kitchener stitch does not. Despite its knacky nature, I’m probably going to stick with the Kitchener stitch for my socks.

Well, it looks like more episodes of Seinfeld, sitting on the couch with a sleepy cat, and working on the beanie for the rest of the evening.

Happy Monday Knitters!




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