Oh, bother!

So last week, I was making a lovely beanie hat for my best guy with Plymouth Yarns Coffee Beanz. And as you likely guessed from the title of this post, the finished hat is too small every which way for his noggin. Now I’m starting over, increasing the pattern both in stitches and in length (puh-leeze let this math work out!) and hoping that I have enough yarn in that ball to pull it off. This small but supercute hat will be donated to a charity that my mom knits for.

At Community School tonight,  I saw the first pair of socks from one of my learners. And they are great!  Much better than my first pair!  We also did a demo of the Kitchener graft (or stitch). This leads me to my goals for the next couple of weeks. 

  1. Learning to do the Kitchener graft without an “ear”
  2. Learning the three needle bind off

Stay tuned for updates on the beanie. Wish me luck.

Happy knitting! 



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